Carving Blocks of Provincial imperial Examination Zhujuan of Guangxi


"Provincial imperial Examination Zhujuan" refers to the test paper of the provincial-level imperial examination for candidates of the Qing Dynasty. Such a test paper was originally answered by candidates in black in compartments of Examination Compound; sealed and attached with serial numbers by sealing officials; then transcribed by Official Transcribers on professional test paper-scrolls in accordance with the original papers. Since the brush used by Official Transcribers was vermilion, such transcribed papers were thus known as "Zhujuan" (vermilion paper). The Zhujuan blocks of Provincial Examination were mostly engraved by the candidates themselves that passed the provincial-level imperial examination based on the papers that they answered.

The engraving block of "Provincial Examination Zhujuan of Guangxi" was the test paper of Lu Peixin from Guangxi that passed the provincial-level imperial examination in the Special Amnesty Examination of Gengzi and Xinchou Years during the reign of Emperor Guangxu. The cut blocks are engraved with graceful characters on both sides. The entire paper is circled and commented, which proves to be an outstanding work among the contemporary carving blocks. Zhujuan blocks are the physical evidence to prove the imperial examination system of the Qing Dynasty, which are of extremely significant referential values for the study on the imperial examination culture of Guangxi in the Qing Dynasty.