Guilin Museum


Instruction: Guilin Museum is a comprehensive museum on Guilin history and culture. It is a national second-class museum as well as one of hundred key museums. Guilin Museum collected over 30’000 pieces of culture relics including 22 pieces of national first-class relics, 687 pieces of national second-class relics and 2592 national third-class relics. Among all the collections, Ming Dynasty Plum Vases, middle and late Qing Dynasty porcelain, Ming and Qing Dynasties Ancient Calligraphy and Paintings, presents from foreign guests, Guilin landscape paintings, Guilin historical relics and relics of Guangxi ethnic culture are the most characteristic parts.

Guilin Museum locates in Lingui New District and has a total construction area of 34’000 square meters, exhibition area of about 12’000 square meters. The new museum is a regional museum of Guangxi province, besides, it is also a “cultural living room” and land mark building of the famous historical and cultural city—Guilin. According to advantages of collection resources and arguments of museum and history experts from Guilin and Guangxi, the new museum will introduces four basic exhibitions and two special exhibitions to the public in the prior period, which can fully present local cultural features and promote culture soft power and competitiveness of Guilin. The four exhibitions are: “Legacy of Jingjiang Princes —Prunus Vases of Ming Dynasty Unearthed in Guilin”, “Lives in the Paintings – Exhibition of Guilin folk culture”, “Friendship of Guilin——Display of museum collection of gifts presented by foreign guests”, “Civilization of Li River——Display of Guilin’'s history and culture”,  and the two special exhibitions are:“Glamorous brush-ink work——exhibition of Ming and Qing calligraphy and painting masterpieces” and “Affection toward Guilin – Exhibition of works donated by Li Peigeng, Song Kejun and Ye Lvmei”.

Guilin museum also has three temporary exhibitions and planning gallery and models gallery of Guilin Planning Exhibition.

Guilin Museum turned to build a favorable environment for visitors to enjoy culture and relaxation by providing full-fledged supporting services for visitors such as Ticket Center, Inquiry Center, Friends of Museum, Volunteer Salon, Service Center of Special Groups, Nursery Room, Minors Education and Interaction Center, 3D Experience Hall, Cinema, Catering Area, Culture and Creative Products Shop, Café, Book Bar, Checkroom, ATMs, WIFI and etc.

Organizational System and the course of change and development: Guilin Museum was prepared for establishment in 1963. The famous litterateur and historian Mr. Guo Moruo inscribed the museum name.  Guilin Museum was officially established in 1981, the first name of Guilin Museum was Guilin City Museum which included Museum of Guihai Steles’Forest, Preparatory Office of Museum of Cultural City of Guilin during Anti-Japanese War, Museum of Tseng-pi-yen cave site and Museum of Yunfeng Temple. The museum was renamed Guilin Museum in 1986, and officially opened in December 1988.

Organization Structuring: At present the museum has nine departments including Museum Office, Security Department, Research Center, Exhibition Department, Conservation Department, Information Center, Publicity and Education Department (Minors Education and Interaction Center), Research and Protection Center of Prunus Vase Culture and Ethnic Culture of North of Guangxi, Culture Creativity Center.

Personnel Structure: Guilin Museum is a Wholly-government-sponsored Institution with current staffing of 72.

Opening Hours:  9:00—17:00 from Tuesday to Sunday; and closed every Monday except national holidays, year-round.   No admittance after 16:30.

Exhibition Hall is closed at 17:00 each day.

Address: Guiping West Road, Lingui New District, Guilin

TEL: 0773-2897308;0773-2898862