There are a large number of mountains and rivers in Guilin. People living here have dug up one after another flat terraced fields in the hilly area with rolling mountains. As one of the most amazing modes for mankind to reconstruct the surface of the earth, terrace is a masterpiece of farming culture. It not only stores water, preserves soil and increases production, but also possesses excellent atmosphere and transmitting conditions, which are in favor of the growth of crops and deposit of nutrient substance and can maintain the fertility of soil. Today, Longji Rice Terraces in Longsheng County still undertake the inheritance of farming and rice cultivating culture. Rice is planted there every year. A series of agricultural activities like Kaigeng Festival and Shuyang Festival which mean respectively Spring Ploughing Festival and Rice Transplanting Festival in Chinese, are held. By the golden October, the terraced fields seem like ten thousand golden ribbons scattered along the mountain villages in Longji, which turn to be a splendid view of Guilin and have been selected as an essential agricultural-cultural heritage.