Clothing of Dongshan Yao


The Yao Nationality is mainly divided into four branches, namely Pan Yao, Bunu Yao, Chashan Yao and Pingdi Yao, also known in altogether over 30 names. The Yao people have their own language, but no characters. As for their distribution, there is a saying that "All mountains south of the Five Ridges are dwelt by the Yao people". The women of Yao are adept at embroidery. Their clothes are mostly embroidered with all sorts of patterns that are gorgeous and eye-catching in color and design. This suit in front of us is a woman's dress of Yao in Dongshan, Quanzhou, which consists of a scarf, an upper garment, a kerchief, a belt and an apron. Kerchief is used for wiping away sweat at work. Their apron is especially large and loose since they need to use it as a bag for holding the fruits they picked up in the mountains back home, which is not only pretty but also practical.