Geometric-Patterned Hand-Stitching Baby-Carrying Strap


This is a geometric-patterned hand-stitching baby-carrying strap of the Miao Nationality in Anlong, Guizhou. Hand-stitching is a special kind of stitching method and a traditional folk handicraft of China. The cross-stitch works favored by lots of people are exactly one type of hand-stitching works. Its stitch presents a cross shape and is greatly ornamental. It was known as "Chuosha embroidery" and "Nasha embroidery" in ancient times and "Chuansha" and "Jiasha" by common people. Hand-stitching has a long history in China. It is popular in broad regions. Hand-stitching was included into the first batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2006.