Clothing of the Zhuang nationality


The Zhuang Nationality is the ethnic minority with the largest population in China, which is mainly distributed in Guangxi. The Zhuang people of Guilin are mainly distributed in Longsheng County and Yangshuo County. The textile, printing and dyeing craftsmanship of Zhuang has a long history. Before the late Qing Dynasty, the clothing of Zhuang was mainly spun, woven and sewed by the Zhuang people themselves, mainly in three colors, namely blue, black and brown. This is a suit of female clothing of Zhuang from Longsheng, Guangxi. The upper is a black half-sleeved cardigan. The bottom is a black pleated skirt. The upper is lap-seamed and edged with light-colored cloths with straight line patterns. The back is the highlight of the entire suit, which is embroidered with boutique designs. The skirt is pleated and crocheted with simple patterns.