Statue of Old Man presented by Mayor of Jeju of South Korea in 1998


The Old Man Statue "Dolharubang" is the mascot of Jeju City, which means "Grandpa Stone" in Korean. In November, 1998, the mayor of Jeju specifically presented the biggest and heaviest gift of this museum toward Guilin in memory of the first anniversary of Guilin and Jeju as sister cities. "Grandpa Stone" is about 1 meter tall and weighs over 300kg. He lowers his cap, tilts his head to one side and has a pair of widely-open eyes. Why would they give two similar "Grandpa Stones" as present? It turns out that the one with his left hand above is a military official and that with the right hand above is a civil official. In this way, we will be endowed with "both civil and martial virtues". The Old Man Statue is usually placed at the entrance to villages on Jeju Island. It is said that "Grandpa Stone" is the guardian God or Goddess of Fertility of Jeju Island that stands for auspiciousness and safety. Today, it has settled down in Guilin and pinned hopes to guard the people of Guilin loyally.