Seals Used by Ouyang Yuqian and His Wife in Guilin


Ouyang Yuqian was a famous operatic artist of modern China. His artistic names include Liansheng, Lanke and Taohua Buyi Anzhu. He came to Guilin for presiding over the reform of Guangxi Opera at the invitation of Ma Junwu. He left for Hong Kong due to dissension from Ma Junwu. In September, 1939, the authorities of Guangxi invited Ouyang Yuqian back to Guilin. He began to take charge of the improvement of Guangxi opera as the Counselor of Guangxi Provincial Government. In the mean time, he was assigned as the Curator of Guangxi Provincial Art Gallery and Director of Drama Department, Leader of Experimental Troupe of Guangxi Opera, standing director of the Guilin Branch of the Society for the Study of Literature and Art, as well as the main organizer and one of the leaders of the first Opera Exhibition Fair.

These two seals were used by Ouyang Yuqian and his wife in Guilin during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. Both of the seals are made of wood in an irregular polygon. One is inscribed with four vermillion characters "Ouyang Yuqian" in seal script. The other one is inscribed with three vermilion characters "Liu Yunqiu" in seal script.