The Statue of Dr. Mackenzie presented by the Friendship Delegation of Hastings, New Zealand in 1988


Dr. Machenzie is one of the advocators for Guilin and Hastings to become sister cities. In the early 1978, Dr. Machenzie made a visit to Guilin and thought that there are many similarities between the two cities in terms of the gorgeous landscapes and pleasant climate. He thus advocated winding up the two cities into sister cities. In 1981, the two cities eventually established friendship with the efforts of both China and New Zealand.  

Additionally, Dr. Machenzie is also the President of Hastings Branch of New Zealand-China Friendship Association. In order to improve the friendly cooperation between the two cities, he led delegations and paid numerous visits to Guilin. He presented Guilin with high-quality fruits and flowers and assisted the researchers dispatched by Guilin to New Zealand for study and internship with his own pension. Dr. Machenzie passed away on July 4th, 1988. However, his contribution to both China and New Zealand will always be born in mind by the people of Guilin.