Landscape by Luo Cunli, hanging scroll; ink and color on paper; Qing Dynasty


Luo Cunli modeled himself after Ju Ran and was known as one of the three great artists of Guangxi in the early Qing Dynasty together with Zhou Weigeng and Zhu Lun. He was adept at depicting the fantastic rock peaks, precipices and luxuriant woods in Guilin. Mountains are vaguely seen in the distant view of the picture. The middle-shot mountain peaks are steep and loftily erected. Attics and pavilions are half hidden and the mountain creeks fly straight down; the close-shot rock peaks stand straight, ancient trees are emerald green. The fisherman on the river on the left is sculling and fishing. The peasant by the river on the upper right has just returned from farm work with a hoe. A child is walking beside him carrying a bamboo basket. The painting vividly depicts the scenery in the mountains of Guilin, which presents a majestic force as a whole in graceful and mellow strokes.