Carpathian Stag Tag presented by Romanian Friends in 1978


Deer is considered as a spirit for worshiping and the "creator" of the world by ancient Dacia people of Romania. 

Therefore, lots of folk customs of Romania are related to deer. For instance, deer is a necessary dowry for a bride so that the newlyweds will live a well-off life and the like. There is also a legend about deer: at the end of the 14th century, Wallachia's Prince Mircea led his people to unit as one with a common bitter hatred of the enemy. They fought bloody wars against Turkish invaders and eventually drove them away and won the victory of the war. The image of a deer head was cast on a pendant by people in memory of this meaningful victory, which symbolizes "the mark of a glorious nation". Therefore in Romania, a deer-head designed necklace as a precious gift is provided with a simple but profound philosophy: the road of life is bumpy, it gets better only when we can overcome difficulties.