Rubbing of "Remained Xin-Mang Weight "


Wang Mang unified national weights and measures and specifically cast this grain weight in order to advertise his accomplishments after the establishment of the Xin Dynasty. The "remained Xin-Mang Weight" was purchased by minister of the Late Qing and epigraphic master Duan Fang. The rubbing was made later and given to Kuang Zhouyi as a farewell gift.

The rubbing of "Remained Xin-Mang Weight" includes 81 characters and is honored as a rare and precious rubbing. Kuang Zhouyi regarded it as treasure and sealed it with his collection print, inspection print and re-named seal after the Revolution of 1911. The rubbing was sold by his descendants and treasured up by Chen Julai. Therefore, the treasure seal of Chen Julai was added on the right side.