Captured Japanese military sword Donated by Yang Fengming


This bayonet that we are looking at now is captured by Yang Fengming and his wife during a fight against Japanese soldiers in 1944. Hengyang fell on August 8th, 1944. Japanese invaders marched southward and attacked Guilin in the favorable situation. In the mid-September, city defense Command Wei Yunsong of Guilin issued an emergent order of evacuation. People of the city fled from calamity successively. The 21-year-old Yang Fengming worked as a Telephone Operator at Guilin Long-Distance Station of Guangxi Telegraph and Post Administration, and a member of the "33rd battlefield communication". He escaped to Zhuangtou Village, Huixianxu, Lingui County together with his family. On the seventeenth day of the ninth lunar month, the Japanese army invaded Huixianxu. They seized Yang's wife as hostage and grabbed their leather suitcase. Yang seized the firearm of a Japanese soldier during the fight. His wife Zhong Yizhen grabbed the bayonet and desperately hacked the Japanese soldier. After over ten minutes of fighting, they eventually shot and killed the Japanese soldiers.

In 2005, Yang Fengming and his wife donated the captured bayonet to Guilin Museum. In the same year, Mr. Zhang Baoyu composed the poem Yiqin'e· Eulogizing Anti-Japanese Warriors Yang Fengming and His Wife to praise their story of heroically fighting against Japanese invaders. "Praise for the unyielding toughness of heroes. Their valiant demeanor has added brilliance to the Li River and mountains of Guangxi. With boldness, superb skill and nimble moves, they grabbed the enemy's weapon. What's the most amazing is his intrepid wife's emergent assistance, which helped him annihilate demons."