Clothing of Hong Yao


The Hong Yao people, a branch of the Yao people, mainly live in the mountainous regions in Sishui and Heping, Longsheng Various Nationalities Autonomous County, north Guangxi. They are named "Hong Yao" (literally “red Yao”) due to their red clothes. They are also known as "the people in the peach forest". The clothing of Hong Yao are characteristic. The black native cloth dyed and woven with indigo is coarse and thick. The upper is collarless. The open front is not stitched with buttons. The clothes are mainly made in fresh red color. That's why they are called "Red Yao". The Yao girls would start to learn needlework at the age of about twelve or thirteen. A boutique dowry embroidered attire usually takes a year to finish. Thus the red dress is the most precious costume of young and middle-aged women. They only wear it on the wedding day in chilly winters. The top of this Red Yao woman's clothes is a black scarf embroidered with the pattern of the "Seal of King of Yao" in the center and at four corners; the upper is a red brocade garment designed with all kinds of patterns; the bottom is a batik skirt, which is stitched with white and black native cloth, batik cloth and silk.