Prunus Vase with the Blue-and-White Painting of a Lady Writting Poems on a Banana Leaf


During Xuande’s reign of Ming, craftsmen embellished implements with paintings with poetic composition of Tang for catering to the emperor's aesthetic taste. The meaning of the painting on this prunus vase is writing poems on a banana leaf. It depicts a lady in a courtyard standing in front of a banana leaf. She holds the banana leaf in her left hand and writes a poem with her right hand. A maid stands behind her with her hands holding an ink-stone. Stone columns are exquisitely arranged in the garden. Pines stand tall and upright. Autumn grass is scattered all over the yard. Layers upon layers of mountains are vaguely seen in the distance and are coiled up with auspicious clouds. This painting was created based on the Tang poet Wei Yingwu's Leisure Moment of Missing My Younger Brothers: "Autumn grass grows vigorously at the time of White Dew. Staying in the old garden, I miss my younger brothers so much. Having nothing to do all day long, I could only write a poem on the banana leaf to express my feelings". The picture presents not only a leisure life conception, but also the author's longing for his family and friends.