Yamaga Lantern presented by the Wing of Friendship of Kumamoto in 1985


Yamaga lantern is a traditional paper-made ball-shaped lantern of Japan. Its upper part presents the shape of a lotus and lower part is made in the shape of a horn. No wooden or metallic components are applied. The lantern is only artificially made with paper and paste. Since all pillars and beams are hollowed, Yamaga lantern is also known as "boneless lantern". 

There is an interesting festival about "Yamaga lantern". It is said that once upon a time, the Mikado and his retinue came here and was blocked by heavy fog. Thus villagers held torches for lighting up the way ahead for the Mikado. In memory of this, people gradually evolved this into "Yamaga Lantern Festival". During the festival, one thousand females would wear bathrobes and carry the lit-up "golden lanterns" dancing unceasingly all night, which constituted an extremely spectacular view. Thus "Yamaga Lantern Festival" is also known as "overnight festival".