Calligraphic Scroll after Zhong Yao of Wei by Wang Duo, Qing Dynasty


The author of the calligraphic scroll in front of you is Wang Duo. He was interested in history and extensive learning all his life. He was accomplished in both poetry and calligraphy and was especially famous for his calligraphy. He learnt from calligraphic works of famous sages in the Wei, Jin, Tang and Song dynasties over decades and obtained a thorough comprehension in numerous calligraphic fonts. He was an ingenious talent in the calligraphic world at the turn of Ming and Qing and was honored as "divine brush Wang Duo" and "Dong Qichang of the South and Wang Duo of the North". 

This regular-script calligraphic scroll after Zhong Yao of the Wei Dynasty is presented in a clean, orderly appearance. Thorough vigor of strokes seems not only solemn, but also spiritual. Some strokes are even very close to the artistic conception of official script. For example, the "right-falling" stroke is slowly pulled out, stretched while pressed after forming an arc, and then slightly raised in ending. Every single character is evenly, fluently, gently and indistinctively presented in such gradual and sufficient expression, which seems just like a quiet pond in autumn. However, in such tranquility, the author made the characters ripple with energetic and swift waves through slight changes among strokes and in the length of lines. Such mellowness and tenderness were quite rare and precious in the regular-script works of both the Ming and Qing dynasties.