Prunus Vase with the Blue-and-White Painting of Immortals Offering Birthday Congratulations Made in Wanli's Reign of Ming


This pair of prunus vases is designed with a dish-shaped mouth, a contractive neck, plump shoulders, an arced belly, a contractive waist, a slightly flared shin and a restraining ring foot. It is entirely decorated in blue and white: the neck is painted with banana-leaf designs; the shoulders are embellished by ruyi-shaped coin brocade-ground reserved panels; the interior is painted with plucked flower designs; the center is a lotus-shaped blank decoration; the belly is painted with the themed design of the Eight Immortals offering birthday congratulations. In the painting, the Old Man of the South Pole holds a ruyi sitting under a pine with his legs crossed; Han Zhongli holds a fairy peach offering birthday congratulations toward the Old Man; Iron Crutch Li holds a calabash, Lv Dongbin carries a treasured sword on his back, Lan Caihe shoulders a flower basket following closely. The shin is embellished with the designs of sea horses plowing through rolling waves. The entire picture contains the implication of "mountain of longevity and ocean of bliss".