Landscape and Figures by Jiang Yun; ink and color on folding paper fan


This folding fan was used by official Kuang Zhouyi of the late Qing Dynasty during his lifetime. It is a paper fan with bamboo sheets as the frame. The fan is painted with landscape and figures based on Kuang's poem. The left of the picture is painted with two old pines standing erect on a slope. On the river bank not far from the pines, a woodcutter returned with cut-off firewood and took a rest while waiting to cross the river. A boatman on the river is paddling toward the bank and got ready to take the woodcutter across the river. A stretch of cottages in the opposite bank shall be the home of the woodcutter. Although the picture is small, it is exquisitely composed. The back of the fan was Wang Guowei's three poems of Tang written in regular script for presenting to Kuang Zhouyi. Wang specifically pointed out his understanding of the origin of "Dreaming of the South" and "Pusaman" other than correcting certain errors of the original poem. This fan is designed with poetry, painting, artistic sentiment and comprehension, which proves to be a precious work. Kuang Zhouyi's eldest son Kuang Youhan donated it to Guilin Cultural Relics Management Committee in 1978.