Rough Sketches of Guilin Landscapes by Luo Chen


Luo Chen, from Guilin, was a martial candidate during the Jiaqing reign of the Qing Dynasty. He was adept at poetry, painting and calligraphy. The Rough Sketches of Guilin Landscapes created by him includes thirty-three works, each with a preface and a short poem. We are now looking at a part of it. For the entire work, there are twenty-two paintings of Guilin landscapes and eleven landscape paintings of the neighboring prefectures and counties. These paintings reflect not only the eight views of Guilin such as Solitary Beauty Peak, Huajing Cave and Elephant Trunk Hill, but also the scenic spots like Hushan in Quanzhou County and Haiyang Mountain in Xing'an County, which highlight the artistic connotation of Guilin landscapes.