Commentary on Qiu Jun's Poems


Jiang Mian was born in Quanzhou, Guilin. He acquired the first place in the provincial-level imperial examination in the 13th year of the Chenghua reign of Ming(1477) and was admitted as a jinshi in the 23rd year of the Chenghua reign(1487). He worked as the Grand Secretary of the Cabinet and compiled two volumes of Qiongguilu and thirty-three volumes of Commentary on Qiu Jun's Poems. There are two extant versions of Commentary on Qiu Jun's Poems compiled by Jiang Mian. One is part of the poems and comments of Jiang Mian's master Qiu Jun recorded by Jiang Mian in the early years. The other one is the poetic verses written by Jiang Mian in his early years. His works reflect his poetic view that "poems shall be refined in indoctrination and dignified in custom to demonstrate admonishment".